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From time to time, the WFCCN recognises critical care nurses who have made an outstanding contribution to critical care nursing by awarding the title of Honorary Ambassador.

Appointments are for four years duration. Ambassadors are expected to contribute actively to undertakings aligned with the objectives of WFCCN and provide a written annual report of their contributions.

Nominations (see below) are accepted at any time, and should be forwarded to the WFCCN Secretary for consideration by the WFCCN Board of Directors.

How to become an Ambassador
Honorary Ambassador Country Email Address Year Awarded
Leanne Aiken Australia 2013
Laura Alberto Argentina 2014
Anne Alexandrov USA 2012 & 2018
Adriano Friganović Croatia 2018
Paul Fulbrook Australia 2015
Sandra Goldsworthy Canada 2015
Yuko Ikematsu Japan 2014
Violeta Lopez Singapore 2015
Kay Mitchell United Kingdom 2014
Elizabeth Papathanassoglou Canada 2014
Belle Rogado Philippines 2017
Shelly Schmollgruber South Africa 2014
Kathleen Vollman USA 2012 & 2018
Wenru Wang Singapore 2018
Esther Wong Hong Kong 2013
Susan Yeager USA 2017


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